Why Are Traditional Real Estate Agents Paid So Much?

Why are traditional listing agents paid so much?

Quite frankly, because nobody has tried to find a better way. Most agents only make a few sales a year and are paid based solely on these commissions, so they love the high margins. At Love Live Homes Team our agents are paid a salary that is based on customer satisfaction, not deals. So they care more about providing you the best possible experience.

What's the catch?

There is none. You get full service listing experts who manage the process from consultation to close. It’s not a discount, just a modern, fair way of doing business.

How can we afford to list your house for 0% commission?

The answer is simple. In exchange for representing you at cost as a seller, we ask for the opportunity to represent you as a buyer, now or in the future. Our bet is that you will be so happy with the experience of selling your home with Love Live Homes Team, that you will choose us to help find your next one.